Glory Days Magazine MVP Business Profile: Ivy Rehab

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Local locations: 3007 Ocean Heights Ave., EHT/547 New Road, Suite 1, Somers Point
Hours of operation: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday-Saturday
609-601-9555 (EHT), 609-653-4800 (Somers Point)
Jared Mannello has been director of rehab for Ivy Rehab’s Somers Point location for four years. Recently, Glory Days Magazine publisher Dave O’Sullivan sat down with Jared to talk about the rehab business, and why he likes it so much.
Mannello on what Ivy Rehab does on a daily basis: Our main job is providing physical therapy services to a wide variety of patient diagnosis, primarilty orthopedic and sports medicine. We can see patients who are post-surgical from, say, an ACL reconstruction or a rotator cuff reconstruction, or spine surgeries, or we can see people who have an injury and are trying to avoid surgery. Another big area we are trying to push more into is prevention, so we’ll do a lot of prevention seminars with local athletes to try to help them avoid ACL injuries, recurring ankle sprains, things like that. And overhead throwing is a big one, too.
On the toughest part of the job: It’s probably when we can’t get someone better in the time frame they want to be better in. Obviously, the surgical patients are a little different because they are going to have certain restrictions based upon their surgeon or their procedure. We know a rotator cuff is going to take a few months and we know an ACL tear will keep an athlete out for eight or nine months. But the local electrician who comes in with back or neck pain from working every day, we have to get them back into the game as fast as possible. Time is money. Hopefully it’s rare that we don’t get them healthy quickly enough.
On rehab misconceptions: The lack of what we do can be frustrating. Some of that is on us, to get the word out about what we do, but sometimes there is a lack of understanding about what we do now as opposed to 10 or 20 years ago. Physical therapy has evolved a lot.
On the best part of the job: It sounds a little cliche, but it’s great to help people feel better. We recently had a 9-year-old referred to us by a doctor. I understand what moms and dads are going through. They trust us to help their kids get better. We don’t fix people, we show people how to fix themselves. We’re showing them the way, and seeing them get better is the best part.
On supporting local high school sports: It’s great because myself and just about everyone on the staff in both offices has an athletic background. We’ve been there with some kind of injury. The whole reason I got into this was because I got hurt in high school.


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